A toaster is just a toaster right? If you are in the market for a toaster there are many to choose from. They range from the high end at $399 to the less expensive models that cost $15. Some people toast their bread everyday while others only enjoy toast once or twice a month. This is something to consider when looking at toasters for your kitchen.

One feature to consider is the ability to control the shade setting. Some of the lower cost models do not come with that ability and you just have to pop your toast out when you think it will be done.

How many slots will you need? One, two, or four? For some people 4 bread slots would be over kill. The Magimix Vision is great toaster that only toasts one slice at a time and allows you to see your bread or bagel as it toasts. Then there is the KitchenAid Pro Line that can toast four slices, and lets you control the toasting to ensure a perfectly golden toast each and every time. There is nothing like a golden yellow crisp hot piece of bread with a heaping slice of butter to fill your stomach for the day.

PictureToaster# of SlotsPriceRating
kitchenaid pro lineKitchenAid Pro Line4$$$$$5.0
Breville Smart ToasterBreville Smart Toaster4$$$$4.9
Dualit NewGen toasterDualit NewGen6$$$$$4.8
kitchenaid one touch toasterKitchenAid One-Touch4$$4.6
breville lift and look toasterBreville Lift and Look2$$4.6
magimix vision toasterMagimix Vision1$$$$4.4
cuisinart touch to toast toasterCuisinart Touch to Toast4$$4.2
frigidaire professional toasterFrigidaire Professional4$$4.1
calphalon toasterCalphalon4$$3.9
kenmore elite toasterKenmore Elite4$$3.9

Top of the Line Toasters

KitchenAid Pro Line

The Pro Line is the top of the line toaster from KitchenAid. It is consider a premium model. It is a great addition to any kitchen that places sleek high end design a priority.  The four slice model can be heavier than most toasters so moving it about might be an issue for some. But most people will place it in their kitchen and let it be.

Dualit NewGen

The NewGen is a great toaster especially for those looking to purchase a larger toaster. It can come with as many as six toasting slots! Which makes toasting up a family sized helping of toast a breeze. It is also a very good looking toaster with nice clean lines. One downside is that the toaster does not come with dual controls. So all of your toast will be toasted the same.

Magimix Vision

The Magimix Vision is a very cool toaster in that you are able to watch your bread or bagel turn that rich golden brown as it toasts. This can be a big hit with children, but one must be careful due to the Magimix not having cool touch sides. It only comes with the option to have two toasting slots.

Top Budget Toasters

Kalorik Team Toaster

Starting at $29.99 this is a great budget toaster to start with. It comes with the ability to change the degree of toasting. One downside is that if you need to toast large quantities of bread, the Kalorik will start to toast unevenly. Most likely this is due to the lower quality heating elements that are not able to hold up to excess use. But if you are only toasting a few pieces of bread it will do great!

Black & Decker 4-slice Toaster

The Black & Decker also comes in at $29.99. It also comes standard with the ability to change the degree of toasting. One thing that sets it apart is that it comes with 4 slice slots. This can be very useful when having to prepare toast for a family or larger group of people.

Procter-Silex Plus Cool Wall Toaster

Coming in at $15.99 this is a even more budget friendly option if you do not have alot of money to spend on your kitchen appliances. One downside is that the shade settings can be hard to read. But once you have it dialed in you shouldn’t have to change it. Also it does not come with a defrost or keep warm setting. At this price point it shouldn’t be expected.